Today we live in a world where security and safety challenges rank as the most pressing concern of modern times.

The MachSecure suite of products is designed to increase security and efficiency specifically for security checkpoint applications. Ten years ago, the introduction of Mach-SmartLane® at Manchester Airport in the United Kingdom altered the passenger experience forever.

MachSecure addresses the daily operational and financial challenges faced by a variety of high-security checkpoint environments and is deployed in a range of high-security locations. These include ports, railway terminals, government buildings and secure and high-value premises such as the Houses of Parliament in London; the United Nations building in Geneva; and the Eurostar Rail Terminal at St. Pancras International Railway station in London. 

MachSecure  includes both Mach-SEMS® and Mach-SmartLane. These products offer true value to airports, providing real time information to allow security personnel to make quick, informed decisions. Our new Mach-SmartMotion® also measures passenger flow. The wholly integrated system has been shown to dramatically increase the overall efficiency of an airport’s security systems while enhancing the passenger experience and lowering operational costs.

We are approved suppliers and have partnerships with many of the world’s government bodies including the TSA ( US Transportation Security Administration), CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority), and the DfT (UK Department for Transport).

Today we live in a world where security and safety challenges rank as the most pressing concern of modern times.
Mach-SmartLane® is an automated tray handling system that vastly reduces queue times and enhances operational efficiency.

Mach-SEMS is Leidos Security Detection & Automation’s Security Efficiency Management System.<

Mach-SmartARCS® provides master information summary for all key regulatory compliance activities.
Mach-SmartView® offers a secure visualization and security audit is designed to be integrated with the world’s leading manufacturers of checkpoint X-ray machines.
Mach-SmartViewMatrix® - An independent remote screening solution compatible with all leading X-ray manufacturers.
Mach-SmartCargo is a scalable solution linking the air-cargo process and management information associated with the consignment being screened.
Mach-SmartAccess® is a scalable solution that provides rapid return on investment, efficient management of boarding pass and access control.
Mach-SmartRoster® is an easy to use airport workforce management system offering airports greater control over staffing and resourcing levels.
The Mach-SmartBRS® system offers an accurate baggage reconciliation solution that satisfies all requirements of ICAO Annex 17 reconciliation services.
Mach-SmartPredict® provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage the activities associated with the resource planning of airport facilities.