Mach-SmartVision Products

Our product development team excels at the development and wider deployment of machine vision solutions that allow our customers to enjoy the benefits of the very best machine vision technology.

Leidos Mach-SmartVision products are reliably installed across sectors such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, FMCG and many more.  Because of our in-depth understanding of robotic guidance, our machine vision products are designed and built to offer durability, total reliability and, of course, precision clarity.


The MSV-250 is the ultimate machine vision system for industrial robot guidance. This proven technology is ideal for automotive glazing and similar applications as it accommodates varying surface colors and finishes.

Designed and manufactured for mounting onto industrial robots, the MSV-250 is light, robust and accurate and offers a number of complementary technologies to ensure precise locations.


The design of the MSV-750 smart stereo camera system has been updated to feature new superbright LED lighting. Intended for static or gantry-mounted applications, the MSV-750 is ideal for viewing identified areas where feature location is required.  The MSV-750 provides full stereo location of components and can be configured to suit specific customer requirements.


For flexible and reliable convenience, our MSV touchscreen controller works with our FIRE or ICE software packages.  The MSV-controller comes with a range of options that include:

  • Static post or arm mounting
  • Digital I/O
  • Ethernet IP
  • Field bus (DeviceNet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS etc.)

An integrated RFID card reader prevents unauthorized access to the ICE or FIRE operating software and provides full traceability of any configuration changes.

Bin Picking

Included in the Mach-SmartVision range of products is our machine vision solution for random part picking. Our bin picking solution has the capability to locate and pick both simple and complex parts that randomly positioned in solid or wire frame containers. Mach-SmartVision’s bin picking solution delivers an accurate, reliable system that can be configured according to our client's needs. 

To learn more about our bin picking solution, click here to download our Bin Picking brochure.  

For information on our Gap&Flush application, click here to download our Gap&Flush brochure.  

Third Party

Mach-SmartVision is able to install and support a wide range of applications using premium third-party products such as:

  • Cognex
  • FLIR (Thermal)
  • Halcon (MVTec)
  • Keyence
  • Matrox
  • Micro-Epsilon
  • Oxford Vision and Sensor Technology (OST / OVST)
  • Sherlock (Teledyne Dalsa)
  • SICK

If you wish to know more about any of our third-party products, or would like to discuss alternatives, please contact our installation team.

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