Machine Vision

Leidos Mach-SmartVision is our specialist machine vision group. It embraces the latest in imaging-based, automatic inspection and image processing technology to improve robot guidance, automated inspection and process control systems.

Machine vision is a rapidly developing technology that represents the future of automotive and smart manufacturing. Deployment of Leidos Mach-SmartVision can be  key to  achieving effective, efficient manufacturing systems and improved quality in the manufacturing process. 

Leidos Mach-SmartVision Applications

Leidos Mach-SmartVision technology can be applied as a stand-alone smart camera or deployed to provide a fully integrated machine vision installation. Driven by powerful, intuitive software, Mach-SmartVision can be used to improve inspection and robot guidance for virtually any automated application across many sectors.

When deployed as part of MachSecure®  integrated airport security solutions, Mach-SmartVision offers numerous opportunities to enhance the efficiency of the checkpoint facility while delivering a totally secure environment to security personnel and the public. Leidos Mach-SmartVision technology is deployed within Leidos Mach-SmartDetect®, our vision detection system used to check tray clearance within our Mach-SmartLane® solution.

Applications for Inspection

Applications for inspection include:

  • Verification
  • Inspection
  • Gauging
  • Color verification
  • Part presence
  • Sealant / PU / Glue bead Inspection
  • OCR (optical character recognition) - automated text reading
  • OCV (optical character verification) - verification of print quality
  • Barcode reading
  • Dot code reading

Applications for Robot Guidance

Applications for robot guidance include:

  • Vehicle glazing
  • IP insertion
  • Wheel fitting
  • Sealer guidance
  • Bin picking
  • Pallet unloading
  • Fuel filling

The Primary Benefits of Leidos Mach-SmartVision technology

  • Lower production costs by scaling down amount of labor required
  • Improved speed and accuracy rates of repetitive inspection tasks; reduced waste and error
  • Validation of alignment and orientation
  • Improved manufacturing efficiency
  • Improved sorting and bin picking of parts; improve accuracy and speed
  • Integration with other MachSecure® products

Design and Installation

Conventional production operations are labor intensive and companies are under pressure to find efficiencies and cost savings. The Leidos Mach-SmartVision machine vision group will work independently or with in-house system integrators to provide a tailor-made machine vision solution. Our engineers and technicians have worked with leading manufacturers such as Ford, Honda and Jaguar Land Rover and are experts in ensuring that commissioning has minimum effect on production.

Dedicated Machine Vision Exhibition Facility

Our UK offices in Cowley, Oxfordshire, feature a dedicated machine vision showroom that allows our clients to review our full range of machine vision products and test numerous machine vision applications.

Customer Service

The team at Leidos Mach-SmartVision is always on hand to support you. We offer a full range of support services that include 24-hour support and software performance checks.

Training can be undertaken on-site or at our Cowley offices and can be tailored to suit project requirements, from training in simple preventative maintenance tasks to enabling complete in-house systems reconfiguration. 

Learn more about our machine vision products and the powerful software behind Leidos Mach-SmartVision applications.