Mach-SEMS is Leidos Security Detection & Automation’s Security Efficiency Management System.

It is a unique integrated monitoring system that collates data from the entire Mach-Secure® product family and allows for data analysis to ensure every checkpoint is managed efficiently and securely.

Its powerful analytical tools and historical reporting capabilities can provide airports with real-time equipment status, KPIs, operation alerts and passenger throughputs giving managers true visibility of their airports' on-the-ground status.

Mach-SEMS will highlight bottlenecks and disclose areas experiencing underperformance enabling staff to make smart, quick decisions to reduce queue waiting times, minimize any congestion and strengthen checkpoint security.

Mach-SEMS modular design offers a scalable approach to checkpoint facilities of any size. It can be retrofitted to existing systems and seamlessly integrated with third-party applications. With centralized data storage for equipment, operator actions and logins, training data and profiles, the business intelligence data captured by Mach-SEMS  supports improved public safety, security and service at every checkpoint.