Collaborative Robots

Leidos Security Detection & Automation works with many leading collaborative robot manufacturers to realize the opportunities and deliver the solutions that industry demands. To always offer the best solutions to our clients, we remain robot agnostic and will work with and across all robot suppliers including, ABB, KUKA, FANUC, Stäubli, and Sawyer.

Leidos Security Detection & Automation has been at the forefront of systems integration for nearly 30 years and with our virtual commissioning solutions we are well placed to develop and deliver collaborative robotic solutions for many years to come. We have undertaken collaborative partnerships with ABB and other robot vendors to develop standards for robot deployment and application and have played a pivotal role in supplying information and guidance for the deployment of innovative technology.

The Leidos Security Detection & Automation robotics team is recognized industry-wide for its phenomenal work and knowledge base. Our experience of digitization and robot-based automation helps us create agnostic programs that can talk to everyone, creating seamless links within a factory environment.