Virtual Commissioning

At Leidos Security Detection & Automation we offer virtual commissioning (VC) prior to any installation. Our dedicated team can seamlessly transpose virtual world solutions and real-world challenges. 

VC brings numerous benefits to our clients. Testing in a virtual world ensures design changes can be made before system build and operating procedures are perfected. It mitigates risk, reduces time to site and confers exemplary quality. Installation is faster with more complex cells delivered in more condensed footprints in less time.  

VC allows us to retrofit with minimal disruption because our process allows  work with cap equipment at night time and weekends. With more than 30 years developing custom systems and an in-depth understanding of how to develop a ‘digital twin’ for real-world installations, our team is highly skilled in this area and can point to exceptional results.

Virtual Commissioning  is our speciality. Robot agnostic, we can handle any robot type to deliver the best solution for our clients.  We use either a laser tracker or a digital scanner to measure to a high degree of accuracy and create an error-free simulation.