Robotic Solutions

The automotive industry led the way in the use of robotics. As a leading player in the automotive sector, Leidos Security Detection & Automation knows how to successfully transfer its robotic solutions expertise and experience to other sectors.

Business leaders nation-wide are pondering the implications to their workforce from changes in working regulations and wider trading situations; the availability to business of skilled staff and the wider implications of changes in EU trading conditions. Deployment of advanced robotics and automation is likely to proceed at a fast pace as technical advances allow robots to perform more complex tasks in more unpredictable environments.

Leidos Security Detection & Automation is confidently leading the way in providing collaborative robotic capabilities and solutions for all budgets, across all industries, with tangible early return on investment.

The increasing uptake of robotics across other sectors and growing requirement for affordability, reliability and systems integration mean that our expertise will be increasingly needed to deliver sophisticated, experience-driven solutions.

The Leidos Security Detection & Automation Robotics Team is recognized industry-wide for its phenomenal work and knowledge base. Our digitization knowledge and experience with robot-based automation helps us to create agnostic programs that can talk to everyone, creating seamless links within a factory environment.

We are driving the up-take of business intelligence applications among our clients enabling them to make better-informed, more accurate business decisions and develop stronger, intelligence-led business strategies.