Leidos Security Detection & Automation helps airports plan their operations and critical infrastructure, providing guidance on the optimum installation of our Mach-SmartLane® lanes and integration with scanners and X-ray equipment. Our unique solutions are designed to improve passenger flow and all the cost benefits this can bring, as well as improvements to security and passenger satisfaction rates.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects passenger demand to double over the next 20 years from 3.8 billion travellers in 2016 to 7.2 billion passengers in 2035. This growth is putting great pressure on airport infrastructure and is an increasing challenge for airports with a fixed footprint and no freely available capital expenditure to build additional capacity. We provide the solutions to these capacity issues.

Leidos Security Detection & Automation serves airport customers principally in two areas: passenger security and baggage reconciliation systems. We are approved suppliers and have partnerships with many of the world’s government bodies and authorities in air travel, including the TSA, CATSA, Avinor and the DfT. We have a shared goal for seamless, intelligent smart airports around the world. 

To support airports in their efforts to improve their operations, business processes, business model by identifying their needs both present and in the future and implement intelligent solutions to ensure sustainability and long-term investment.  

Baggage Handling Systems

Our baggage reconciliation system offers full track and trace of baggage through the baggage handling journey and systems at airports.  Mach-SmartBRS® addresses the security requirements and challenges for baggage track and trace with its totally integrated track and trace visualization solution. 

With Mach-SmartBRS, boarding delays due to lack of bag location information and passenger baggage discrepancies can be a problem of the past.  Our baggage reconciliation system is designed to reflect and adapt to current and future changes in technology and regulations 

Growing numbers of passengers mean that the challenges airports face today will be greater tomorrow.Mach-SmartBRS is a scalable solution designed to cope with major increases in passenger traffic and baggage loads.