L3 MacDonald Humfrey Automation successfully installs the final seventeenth planned new Mach-SmartLane® installation at Newark International Airport

MacDonald Humfrey Automation successfully installs the seventeenth of 17-planned new Mach-SmartLane® installations inside United Airlines Terminal C, at Newark International Airport.

The new installations featuring its automated tray return, Mach-SmartReturn® provides for easy loading and unloading of hand baggage for both passengers and checkpoint security operatives and the automatic return of trays after each use back to the front of the line, reducing passenger congestion and restoring the efficient and speedy throughput of passengers and baggage. MacDonald Humfrey Automation’s Mach-SmartLane® systems are fully designed and operational with the Mach-SmartView® Directive Search solution and have the Mach-SmartViewMatrix® system for Central Screening fully integrated.