We experience first-hand the benefits of making apprenticeships available to young people and are unswerving in our support of  robust training programs that foster apprentices' progression in responsibility and in their careers. Our dedicated training facility provides a unique learning setting to apply newly acquired skills in a safe, controlled environment.

We are committed to training the best individuals and our PLC/robotics/automation/software training facilities provide apprentices and others with a dedicated learning space that supports their development.

As a Leidos Security Detection & Automation apprentice you will learn skills that are relevant to your role and be placed in a position to apply your learning on the job. You will follow a curriculum that has been developed to ensure that you acquire a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding and are involved in solving real and relevant industry challenges. A dedicated tutor is on hand to guide and support you and help you on your way to achieve valuable industry accreditations that demonstrate you have the skill sets and competenciesreflected in accreditation criteria.